… is your most precious resource. It’s very limited, so you need to choose what you spend it on.

Don’t give away your time so easily. If someone asks for it, consider if it’s truly needed before saying yes. If they’re just going to mooch around or use your time to accomplish their goal without any benefit to you, say no. People like to take your time — if you give it away freely they’ll take and take until you’re mentally and emotionally depleted.

Because if you don’t guard your own time, who will?


bye for now

I’m going back to private journaling.

During the upheaval of the last few days (a literal upheaval; I’ve been clearing out my room) I came across a bunch of old journals from my secondary school days. I’ve also been rereading the posts I wrote on here when I was younger. There’s been so much change, so much of myself that I’d forgotten, a younger me that seems like an old friend.

I don’t think I’m going to blog publicly any more for a while. But I hope it suffices to say that I’m happy, and life is wonderful right now.

Thanks for reading my blog!